Book review

Designing and Transforming IT Organizations – Roles, responsibilities and organization structures.

  • Author: Job ten Hagen
  • ISBN: 978-0-11-708074-4
  • Producer: Inform-IT


When an organization decides to transform or (re)design IT Service Management, a thorough preparation for the changes to make is required. Many aspects need to be considered, addressed and defined in a plan. A strong foundation is a prerequisite for success.


Job ten Hagen shares his experiences and findings with the readers of this book Designing and transforming IT organizations. He defined the aspects that every IT manager should include in the roadmap to reach the desired future state of the IT organization. Guided with clear models, he explains what should be worked out and communicated within the organization, including HRM and other stakeholders outside the IT organization.


This book, the first in the roles book series, is set up to guide the reader with what he calls ‘the building plan’. With a remarkable eye for detail the book deals with many aspects that deliver a roadmap to success. When these are not defined it would surely lead to failure.


The book gives me a comfortable feeling of how to deal with the challenges in changing structures, processes, and roles we need if we want to realise the goals set by and with senior management.


I look forward to the next issue in the series.


John Lieberwerth

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