• Review of: “Designing and Transforming IT Organizations”.
  • Publisher: TSO
  • ISBN: 9780117080744
  • Reviewer: Samantha Plescia, Architecture and Strategy Consultant @ Strategic Solution Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa

I enjoyed reading this well-researched book which serves as an introduction to a series of books on organization design and organization change, aimed at supporting IT managers in their daily practice and projects. Topics addressed in the book are outlined in a reference model; the first reference model that I’ve seen that gives specific attention to the human factor aspect in this context.
The statement that ‘people are the true engine of change’ resonates. If the human factor is not addressed then true change will not be achieved. The book also states that ‘The most effective way to improve performance is to address people first.’
There was a dire need for a book like this as many projects are doomed to fail due to not recognizing that the soft issues, although often marginalized, are the ‘hard’ issues when it comes to determining project success.
An original approach is taken to organization design and this book could be used as a practical guide to raise organizational maturity.
Concepts in the book are well-structured and flow in a logical sequence with adequate definitions supplied for every concept that is introduced. Illustrations supplied in the book are clear and sufficient.
Useful best practice examples, do’s and don’ts lists are provided which makes it easier to apply the content in practice.
The importance of an organization-wide skills and competence framework is highlighted as well as the associated link to improve capability to create value for the customer. Human resource employees responsible for defining roles, responsibilities and job descriptions for the IT organization will find this book useful.
This book should be read by anyone in the IT organization to give insight into dealing with ITSM implementations, improvements or organization change in their IT organization.

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