.. “A sensational new book” , “Contains some great stuff“, “REALLY important book” .. This book is the introduction to a series of books on roles, responsibilities and organization structures in IT service organizations. At the kick-off of the series, a huge response came from the IT service management community. It seemed that everyone wanted to be involved, indicating the importance of the subject of the series. Unfortunately, only a limited number of reviewers could be working on the team, due to practical considerations.

This introduction book was reviewed thoroughly by forty experts, from all over the world, who delivered valuable comments. For each title of the series, a dedicated team of subject matter experts was created. These experts formed the Review Teams of the respective titles in the series, and many of them were involved in reviewing the basic chapters of this introduction book, since these chapters will act as the cornerstones of the other books in the series.

The book was authored by Job ten Hagen. Job was supported by chief editor Jan van Bon, and by sparring partner Paul Leenards, who provided very valuable guidance for the entire project.

Some REVIEWS about the book

Book of the month” – itSMF Denmark
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“… This book should be read by anyone in the IT organization to give insight into dealing with ITSM implementations, improvements or organization change …”
– Samantha Plescia, Architecture and Strategy Consultant @ Strategic Solution Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa
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some of the books I consider REALLY important to managing IT
– IT Skeptic, internationally-recognised thought leader in IT Service Management.
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“… all in all relevant areas, presented in the right context with good examples and suggestions for practical implementation …
– Michael Imhoff Nielsen, President at itSMF Danmark, Publications Committee
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“… Unlike many other books where IT management principles are described, this book offers an extremely practical approach. …”
– Alexei Proskura, Security Strategy and GRC Adviser @ Auspicatus Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic
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“New title covers ITIL’s blind spot … has a very important role to play in numerous organizational improvement projects.”
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“Organize before you automate … A sensational new book was recently published by TSO: “Designing and Transforming IT Organizations”. Members of ITSM Portal receive a 20% discount.”
– ITSM portal

“… Recommended as additional literature ‘Designing and transforming IT Organizations.'”
– page 30 in new landmark ITIL book, published in november 2013. Click for book

“I just read it. It is a great contribution.”
– Dr. Jerry Luftman, Internationally acclaimed leader in strategic management, Distinguished Professor

“… This book would be a great reference volume for anyone who directs, manages or consults to IT organizations, or for anyone who is involved in organizational design …”
– Claire F Brereton FACS GAICD, Brereton Consulting, Australia
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“Congratulations with the new book. Contains some great stuff.”
– Paul Wilkinson, Director and owner GamingWorks

“A special collection of more than 20 years IT Best Practices, explained in a logical and consistent way. I recommend everyone involved in IT management (and in particular management of change) to read this book. Compliments for Job ten Hagen for this achievement.” [translated from Dutch]
– Jan-Willem Middelburg, Director Pink Elephant – the Netherlands

I’m proud to be an inspiration to a new book on Designing and Transforming IT Organizations.”
– Paul Leenards, Director Consulting; KPN Consulting

“Job did a really great job, … very instructive and easy-to-understand guidance, and he deserves a lot of credit for his achievements.”
– Jan van Bon, Chief Editor

“I admire this book, it will certainly add value to my work and my customers
– Sukumar Daniel, Managing Consultant Action Research Foundation

“… The book gives me a comfortable feeling of how to deal with the challenges in changing structures, processes …”
– John Lieberwerth, IT Consultant
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Interview with the author Job ten Hagen, by Scandinavian itSMF organizations
– ITSM weekly PODCAST Top Of The World, episode 11
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Book about designing and transforming IT-organizations (in Dutch)
– Product news in Computable.nl
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