It is clear that without including organizational and human resource aspects, an effective ITSM implementation is impossible; the IT organization will not be able to create value for customers. This book helps in solving these issues by elaboration on all these aspects and related topics: organization and organization change, the human factor, roles, accountability, design, governance, ITSM implementation and ITSM improvement.


The series provides important information that will help to avoid the following – all too common – pitfalls:

  • When implementing an ITSM project, the organization structure is neglected
  • During ITSM implementations the focus is on process output instead of business value
  • Limiting the project to only process based best practices
  • Responsibility conflicts arise between line and process management
  • The project doesn’t get off the ground because it has too many participants with limited ITSM implementation experience, and role profiles are missing
  • Change in the IT organization is evolutionary and lacks a drastic approach