This book, Designing and Transforming IT Organizations, is part of a series on roles and responsibilities in ITSM. This is the first volume of the series: the introduction book to the rest of the series. The other volumes deal with a specific ITSM domain:

  • Roles and Responsibilities in Service Level Management (in press)
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Incident Management (in press)
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Application Management (in press)
  • Other titles to follow.

This introduction book covers the common structure for the series and contains a more profound guidance on organization design, development, change and governance. Most importantly, it offers an approach for ITSM implementation and improvement.

The book is divided into ten chapters. This first chapter introduces the reference and organization change model. Chapters 2 to 7 discuss all aspects of the reference model, and chapters 8 to 10 explain the organization change model.

Target audience

The book series is written for anyone who deals with ITSM implementations, improvements or organization change in their IT organization. For example CIOs, IT managers, process managers, or consultants who assist the IT organization in improving ITSM. But it can also be useful for a human resource employee who is responsible for defining roles, responsibilities and job descriptions for the new or changed organization. Or for process staff, like incident coordinators, who want to gain more insight in their responsibilities and those of the colleagues they work with.